DSP001 - Dawn Walker on saving environmental data

It is done!

We finished our first episode and we could not be happier with our guest, Dawn Walker! The Toronto based data activist gave us an insight into the work of EDGI, the Environmental Data & Governance Initiative.

photo courtesy of Dawn Walker

In the wake of the Trump election and the realisation that a very climate un-friendly administration was about to take power, EDGI sprung into action and took on an enormous task. With the memory of the actions of the former Canadian administration’s attacks on climate policy under Stephen Harper still fresh, EDGI rapidly assembled a large community of archivists, civic tech activists, and scientists who began to identify at-risk data, crawl the websites and stably archive the content, amongst other things. Dawn has been part of the project from its early days and was kind enough to share her experiences with us, not only on the technical details but also around community building and networking involved in such a coordinated effort between two countries and many people.

Thanks to the Sendezentrum at 34C3 for the infrastructure and technical support.


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