DSP005 - Hacking the wild: Tasneem Kahn & Andy Quitmeyer putting science in local context

This time Lucy reports back from her trip earlier this year to Dinacon – the international “digital naturalism conference”, bringing together jungle, beach, ocean, microprocessors, new media art, DIY science, food-phreaking, crafting, coconuts, robots, crystals, drones, crabs, cats, disturbing intertidal invertebrates and a great many interdisciplinary humans for 6 weeks on a small island in Thailand.

The podcast is an interview with conference organisers Tasneem Kahn and Andy Quitmeyer. We talk about why and how they put Dinacon together, the experiences that lead them there, and the futures they want to build. Both are interested in creating ways to expand beyond the usual boundaries of academic research by creating field stations and experiences that support deep immersion into local context and facilitate radical exchange of perspectives and disciplines. Hacking the wild and hacking academia at the same time.



You can also catch the official weirdness of the Dinacon podcast, “Biobang” for a different take on the Dinacon experience.


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