DSP004 - Célya Gruson-Daniel on the bigger picture of Open Science

We spoke to Célya Gruson-Daniel, cofounder of Paris-based community, Hack your PhD, and social scientist.

A portrait of Célya Gruson-DanielCélya started out as a community organiser and advocate for open science, writing and sharing the stories of open science proponents around the world, and connecting young scientists around the use of free and open source software, open data, and open practices in science. As her focus shifted towards activist research and eventually a PhD in social science, she describes how her shifting role has given her a broader insight into the meaning of open science for institutions.

Taking as a case study the online public consultation process around the drafting of the new digital society bill, “Loi pour une République numérique” she was able to take in the perspectives of all stakeholders in the formulation of new legislation around open science and open access: from activists to institutional scientific management, corporations, and politics.

We talk about what the idea of “openness” could mean for science, or for society – and how it can mean rather different things to different people. Are we talking about opening science to wider society and challenging the hegemony of institutions? or are we focussed on improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of research? And can this lens help us understand some of the challenges that face diy science.



Presentation on Célya’s PhD research, “Mapping Open Access/Science Controversies” – an analysis of the participatory consultation process around the drafting of the French “Loi pour une République numérique” (Digital Bill)

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