DSP002 - Winnie Poncelet from ReaGent, Magma Nova and more

For our second episode we talk to Winnie Poncelet from Ghent, Belgium, about biohacking, biofabrication, open source, strategies for building sustainable independent DIY science communities, and the pitfalls of breeding insects in your parents’ basement.

photo courtesy of Winnie Poncelet

He co-founded the diybio community lab, ReaGent, in 2015 which has since spun out into an ecosystem of non-profits and companies and cooperatives that work together with a shared goal of knowledge sharing, education, open source development, and making science accessible to all. We’re really wowed by their commitment to openness and decentralisation as tools for social justice and sustainability, and are hugely inspired by how they are evolving the means to make their ideals a reality. Thanks Winnie!

photo courtesy of Winnie Poncelet


+ Winnie on twitter
ReaGent – community biolab
Magma Nova – open source development of mushroom biomaterials
Ekoli – hands-on science education with a special focus on underprivileged kids
Break it down – science communication agency


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  1. The body-temperature-mosquito-trap that appeared by accident showcase that many innovations are a product of randomness and mistakes 😉

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